eCommerce Integration – Shopify | Magento | BigCommerce [Video]

e-Commerce integration is data transfer between your web platform and the five critical components of the accounting, inventory, sales, CRM, and marketing.For SaaS application providers, it becomes necessary to connect with various eCommerce platforms to gain an edge in the competition. The establishment of such a connection is termed as eCommerce integration, which means the process of tying SaaS applications with shopping carts and marketplaces. Why SaaS app providers are in need of eCommerce integration?✔ Knowing about what is eCommerce integration is not enough. To make it work efficiently, you need to understand why do you require such an integration solution as a SaaS application provider. ✔ eCommerce integration allows you to operate and maintain your business functions efficiently. You can access information on products, shipments, orders, invoices, customers, etc. from online stores without switching between different systems. ✔ Accessibility to clients’ stores is not possible without eCommerce integrations.✔ Apart from this, if you are spending your whole day in moving data between your systems, then it’s high time you require an eCommerce integration to manage information across the e-stores. ✔ It eliminates manual work and saves time for you to concentrate on other essential tasks. ✔ It also maintains accurate and up-to-date product information across all the online platforms to keep away from out-of-stock situations. ✔ If you are making your core functionality and looking forward to upgrading your systems as per the needs of your clients, eCommerce integration is a must for you. ✔ It will ultimately lead to an increase in your market share.eCommerce integration is a must-have for such services as shipping management, email automation, order and inventory management, mobile app building, ERP and others whose clients are the owners of e-stores.Many benefits of integrating with shopping carts and marketplaces along with its importance for SaaS application providers. Securing a robust connection with eCommerce platforms allows you to leverage the following:✔ Expanding your customer base on integrating with shopping platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Opencart, etc. ✔ The connection with such eCommerce platforms allows getting access to the thousands of retailers that base their stores on them;✔ eCommerce integration with shopping platforms allows your SaaS solution that works with retailers to retrieve and manage all the information connected with orders, customers, products, shipments, baskets, categories, taxes easily;✔ Connection with various shopping platforms can help you to adopt and propose new functionality to your clients;increase in profits. It is easy, more customers mean more money for your business.


Data Science Focus Delivers for Pitney Bowes [Video]

Pitney Bowess expansion into software-powered logistics has helped the century-old company capture a piece of a booming e-commerce market sparked by the coronavirus outbreak, the companys chief innovation officer says.