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Core Web Vitals Explained & Simplified with Marcos Álvarez Martín at SiteVisibility [Video]

In this episode we’re joined by an Internet Marketing Podcast veteran and our very own Senior SEO Analyst, Marcos Álvarez Martín, to discuss Google’s upcoming Core Web Vitals update.**UPDATE**Shortly after this recording, Google provided an update to note that the Core Web Vitals update will now start rolling out from mid-June 2021: this episode we discuss:What is the Core Web Vitals update and how does it differ from previous Google search algorithm updates?How might the Core Web Vitals impact roles of SEO professionals?A description of what the 3 key Core Web Vitals are.What are ‘page experience signals’?Why business owners and webmasters may need increased development budgets in 2021/22.How to benchmark your current performance and tools to help analyse performance against Core Web Vitals.How will you know if your site is impacted by the Core Web Vitals update?Referenced on this episode: WITH MARCOS:marcos.martin@sitevisibility.com WITH SCOTT:scott.colenutt@sitevisibility.com WITH SITEVISIBILITY: all show ideas, guest recommendations and feedback email


Google Core Web Vitals Update VS Squarespace 7.0 & 7.1 [Video]

Have you heard about the new Google update coming soon? They are going to be addressing Page Experience for both mobile and desktop, but mainly mobile.What does that mean? That your site needs to be blazing fast! But is Squarespace helping us, or are they leaving us out to dry? Currently, we appear to be getting screwed by Squarespace, but they are working on it! (apparently)I’ve tested both versions 7.0 and 7.1 of Squarespace and both appear to be VERY slow according to the testing tools that Google provides. Test your site using Googles tool here: sure you are using Google Search Console to track real-world data: more videos about this update in this YouTube playlist: to move off Squarespace and onto WordPress? Be sure to check out the fastest WordPress theme: Carbonate (Affiliate link)Read more about how Squarespace is handling this:


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