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Sales Conversions, Convert Customers With No Marketing Experience – Course Creation Show [Video]

Iman is interviewing John Limbocker on how to get ad agency level sales conversions in your business, even if you are a start up with no marketing experience. They talk about how to convert customers.John Limbocker has been cracking search engine codes and getting top listings for his clients since the mid 90sHe’s the Founder of Internet DominatorsHe’s a Marketing strategistHe’s a International speakerHe’s Recognized as an authority in SEOHe Created the ACT Marketing Protocol, which reveals the secrets ad agency companies use for their top paying clientsđź“ş Subscribe To My Channel and Get More Great Tipsâś… Iman’s Website: https://imanaghay.comâś… Iman’s Instagram: Start of how to get ad agency level sales conversions in your business.0:40 John’s journey1:03 If you can’t convert, you don’t have a business1:48 Ad agency protocol2:33 The detail of implementation, accountability and support3:57 Ad agency level sales conversions4:48 Three steps in the ad agency protocol6:43 Three Ingredients to Grabbing Attention8:33 Creating Demand and Desire10:31 Provide your Offer10:50 Formula to eliminate objections11:49 Three-dimensionalize your benefits15:00 What’s your #1 success tip?


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