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Case Study: How Bhavya Uplifted her Content Marketing Career as a Freelancer in 3-months [Video]

In this video, you’ll see how content marketing has helped Bhavya gain her brand value in just 3-months. If you’re a content writer and want to use your writing skills into a profession, this video is for you. A beginner’s guide to content marketing. Know the difference between content writing and content marketing. How to get started with content marketing as a beginner. Know the varied aspects of content writing such as copywriting, post content, website content, blog content, storytelling content, engaging content, educational content and much more.Know not only how to write engaging and ranking content but also learn how to promote, where to publish and how to get the best results out of your content. Learn how to create a content strategy. Get familiarity with content marketing tools such as topic generators, understand the role of keyword research and SEO in your content. Reach out to the right audience from where you can get projects to work on. Explore the potential of Content writing & content marketing. Enjoy the content marketing guide update 2022. 0:00 Introduction1:15 About Bhavya2:18 How she started?3:27 Major learnings, struggles, tips & tools6:55 Why ASDM?We hope you like the video. If so, Do like, comment and subscribe.For more, Reach out to us on


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