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Be Authentic, Not Perfect #Shorts [Video]

Nobody cares how awesome your life looks on social media. They care if you truly understand their problems, and you can’t do that if you’re not being authentic. This is just one thing Julia Child taught me about selling online courses. What else can course creators learn from the iconic woman? Find out here:

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Demo #94: Content Marketing Strategy | 8 Social Media Content Ideas [Video]

Demo #94: Content Marketing Strategy | 8 Social Media Content IdeasContent marketing is a powerful tool for reaching your target audience. But how do you decide what to post?In this video, I’ll share 8 social media content ideas that you can use to build your brand and connect with your audience.

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Website Builder – Automate 365 / How to find it and how to use it [Video]

Funnel Builder video link(the website and funnel builders are identical): you have any questions (or want to book a demo), feel free to reach out to us! 📧 info@automate365.netA brief explanation on how to work with the Website Builder in Automate 365Additional Contact info 🌐 📞 +1 801-784-4661 📧 info@automate365.netFacebook Page 🌐 ✅ Book a demo! ✅ Join our Webinars! by NowCerts is a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) specifically designed for insurance agencies.Check out our AMS (Agency Management System) – NowCerts 🌐

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Creating Your Online Brand Identity – Bee A Creator [Video]

Book a 1-on-1 Creator Coaching Session with me: a strong brand identity is the difference between content creators who get lucky with a few viral videos and those who are able to turn it into a true, revenue-generating business. You may think we’re talking fancy logos here and while that’s one small part of it, there’s much more to it.In this module, I’ll guide you through the steps to creating a brand identity that resonates with your target audience and potential brands. We’ll also talk about how to weave your brand through everything you do. We’ll dive into:- The key elements that make up your brand- Why you need a brand name and how to choose one- Creating a consistent look and feel throughout your online presence- The # 1 mistake to avoid when choosing a name- Identifying your brand valuesWe’ll use the following tools:Brand Audit Worksheet, so you can assess your existing brand elements and make adjustments as needed.’s Branding Best Practices Checklist, for content creators.


Ecommerce Content Types by Myriam Jessier (PRAGM) [Video]

This is an excerpt from Myriam Jessier of PRAGM, for a webinar on Ecommerce Content Types.Myriam walks you through the content types every ecommerce store needs.{description}#seo #searchengineoptimization #ecommerceWatch the full webinar here: for more videos on content and SEO. Myriam Jessier:Myriam Jessier is co-owner of the PRAGM agency and a certified trainer. Her main job is to teach SEO to corporate marketers, brand agencies, and development centers.Follow Myriam on Twitter: PRAGM:PRAGM is a company specialized in technical marketing training and consultancy. They specialize in technical issues tied to SEO & Analytics such as rendering, GTM debugging, and improving Core Web Vitals. Clearscope ( is the best-in-class SEO content optimization platform that drives search traffic.Follow us on:YouTube 👉 👉 👉 👉