5 Free Ways to Make Your First eCommerce Sale – Vivian Kaye [Video]

Hello! How are you? Good? Good! Welcome to my weekly series for people who want to start and grow a business, Mind Your Business with Vivian Kaye! Your first sale is always the hardest to make because the voice of limiting beliefs is at its loudest. You have fear of rejection sitting on your right while fear of failure sits on your left, with doubts in front of you, blocking the way. But you can get past that!And once you do, your first sale will get the ball rolling and create momentum. As you make sale after sale after sale, the negative voice starts to fade away!In today’s episode, you’ll discover 5 ways to make your first sale for FREE99!I’m a huge believer in learning from people who have rolled up their sleeves, have done the work, and have the receipts. That’s why I launched Shopify Prep School where you’ll learn:💡Shopify Backend – How to navigate the dashboard and settings, adding products, shipping them, and getting paid💡Shopify Frontend – How to add site pages and create a navigation menu💡Customizing your Shopify for scale and growthBy the end of this series, you’ll have the essentials set up and you’ll be ready to go live and start making money online!If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, go to—————————————————————————- Music: Mirror Mirror by Diamond Ortiz —————————————————————————- Follow Me on Social ⬇️Instagram: Twitter: Mind My Business —————————————————————————- Support my channel & my plant habit by using my affiliate links below ⬇️If you sign up for any paid plans, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. The links are of products I actually use in my life or in my businesses, no fluff here! Please & Thank you!♥️ My Fave Tools ⬇️➡️ Canva Pro:➡️ Privy:➡️ Kajabi:➡️ Shorby:➡️ 5 Minute Journal:➡️ Inventory Planner:➡️ Shopify:➡️ Klaviyo:➡️ Tailwind:➡️ Planoly:➡️ Ownr:➡️ Prop money:➡️ Squarespace:➡️ Sticker Mule:➡️ BigVu:♥️ Grab My Freebies Here ⬇️5 Must-Have Tools For Your eCommerce Biz: Free Ways To Make An eCommerce Sale: Affirmations: Audit Checklist: Mindset Blueprint:

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What is an Avatar & Why Your Marketing Needs One [Video]

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Now is the time to be thinking about your business’s future. Take this opportunity to build a following, get people into your sales funnel and nurture the relationships so they’ll buy from you when they’re ready. If you’d like to see how an Automated Video Curation strategy can work for you, book a free call […]