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Connect Retarget: Double Your ROI Demo & Bonuses [Video] FB to drive traffic? Good start. But pay close attention …FB ads in general are good. Retargeting ads are even better. Butthey’re both costing you more than they should!Standard FB retargeting has a fatal flaw. It treats EVERY websitevisitor you target in exactly the same way.All traditional FB retargeting lets you do is serve ads to people thathit your site and leave without converting. Doesn’t matter if:They spent 3 minutes on your site & scrolled multiple pages, OR …They clicked off right away, obviously uninterested.But both groups get the same ad. Why spend money advertising topeople that aren’t interested? Wouldn’t it make more sense to caterto visitors that are clearly engaged in your offers and content?** Check This Out It’s Amazing!, a software that lets you drill down and hyper-target your most engaged prospects. Create custom audiences and serve them ads SPECIFIC to their behaviours.Talk about skyrocketing your conversions. In just ONE test, the creator got a 384% increase in results using this software over traditional retargeting.And beta testers are seeing similar numbers.This software helps you in 2 ways. First, it drastically reduces your ad costs, because now you’re only paying for ads to reach engaged users – a much more targeted group.Second, it cranks your conversions and profits through the roof.** Watch The Demo Now To See It In Action! edge software, built on the experience of a conversion specialist with over 5 years experience running retargeting ads.The numbers don’t lie.Go here to optimize your ROI:


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