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Best B2B Marketing Strategies for 2021 | What Works (from SaaS to Small Business to Enterprise) [Video]

In today’s video, I share the best B2B marketing strategy you must start practicing for your business today, especially for complex B2B products called Create Demand and Capture Demand. I go over the reasons why this strategy works today and why many b2b companies not able to or afraid of using this and the results I got from implementing them.Timestamp: 0:00 Intro1:14 – My history in B2B Marketing3:10 – How people’s behaviours have changed4:34 – Changing how we see lead nurturing5:24 – Why the marketing funnel is flawed6:22 – The importance of Word of Mouth marketing in B2B 8:05 – Capture Demand8:42 – Why B2B Marketing is too focused on Capture Demand9:26 – Creating Demand10:29 – Example of downloading an ebook from LinkedIn13:55 – 6 Key elements to Creating Demand14:56 – Why “Intent” Matters15:27 – High Intent vs Low Intent17:40 – Implementing Create and Capture Demand StrategyMcKinsey B2B Report: of Demand Gen Podcast🎥 Watch this playlist to see other videos on B2B marketing:👀 Watch to see how to build a video marketing strategy by viewing this playlist: Subscribe to get more video marketing strategies and tips: #b2b #b2bmarketing @b2bmarketingstrategy


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