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STORY TIME | Finding happiness doing what you love with Rachel Hurry [Video]

STORY TIME | Finding happiness doing what you love with Rachel Hurry

Meet Rachel Hurry! Rachel is one of the most amazing brand strategist, designers and website developers in the industry!

It was truly an inspirational chat with Rachel – the biggest takeaway I learned is that nothing is impossible when you truly believe in yourself, to believe that you’re 100% capable to find solutions for the problems that stand in your way.

And lucky for us, she’s also part of the Flux Academy team as a Web. Design & Freelancing Coach. We couldn’t be any more grateful to have her as part as of our growing team. Thank you Rachel for your time and sharing your story!

Share with us what you think and which part inspires you the most!

Where to find Rachel Hurry:


01:26 How did you get in to design?
02:33 Who was your first client?
03:40 Rachel’s first logo
04:30 How did you learn to use the softwares?
07:00 Rachel’s first menu
08:50 How to solve one’s problem
09:10 When did you get into a design school
13:50 Work life balance
15:45 What happened after college?
16:10 How Rachel gained her industry experience
18:18 The start of being a brand strategist
21:00 Rachel’s resignation and life during pregnancy
24:00 The start of building a studio
26:30 “Nothing felt right?”
27:30 Rachel’s first branding project
29:00 Rachel’s timeline
31:30 “I ran out of money and had to find a way to find money – I didn’t want to ask.”
33:00 Meeting entrepreneurs and networking
34:00 Rachel’s first website
36:00 How did you get your client trust without knowing everything?
38:00 The crucial skills Rachel gained in college to build trust
42:20 The process of raising your prices
50:00 Rachel’s values
55:00 The luxurious experience
59:00 Conclusion

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Thanks for watching the video and let us know what you think!

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