STEP 10.1. Marketing – C971 Shopify E-Commerce Blueprint UAE & Middle East [Video]

STEP 10.1. Marketing – C971 Shopify E-Commerce Blueprint UAE & Middle East

Step10 of our 10 Step Shopify E-Commerce Blueprint.
What is marketing and how is it used to help build your brand and business without being over the top? Learn all in this course.

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10 STEP C971 Shopify E-Commerce Blueprint UAE & Middle East

STEP 1 Company Setup (Intro:
STEP 1.1. E-Commerce Business License Types:
STEP 1.2. E-Commerce License Details:

STEP 2 Payment Gateways (Intro:
STEP 2.1. What is a Payment Gateway?:
STEP 2.2. Payment Gateways in UAE & region:

STEP 3 Delivery & Logistics (Intro:
STEP 3.1. Delivery & Logistics how it works:
STEP 3.2. Delivery & Logistics Providers:
STEP 3.3. Shopify Fulfillment Center:

STEP 4 Inventory & Accounting (Intro:
STEP 4.1. How to manage your Inventory:
STEP 4.2. Accounting & Software:

STEP 5 Market Research (Intro:
STEP 5.1. E-Commerce Market Research:
STEP 5.2. Understand your target Industry:
STEP 5.3. Get to know your Customer:
STEP 5.4. Get to know your Competition:

STEP 6 Customer Behavior (Intro:
STEP 6.1. Shift of Consumer Habits:
STEP 6.2. Generations and purchase habits:
STEP 6.3. Purchase Inspirations:
STEP 6.4. Omni-Channel explained:

STEP 7 Branding (Intro:
STEP 7.1. Branding Essentials:
STEP 7.2. Define your Brand:
STEP 7.3. Branding Case Study:

STEP 8 Website Structure (Intro:
STEP 8.1. Website Structure:

STEP 9 How to Increase conversions (Intro:
STEP 9.1. How to improve Conversions:
STEP 9.2. Recommended Shopify APP’s:

STEP 10 Marketing (Intro:
STEP 10.1. Marketing:
STEP 10.2. E-Commerce Marketing Foundation:
STEP 10.3. Lead Generation:

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