Stealing packages from front porches a felony in Arkansas [Video]

The new law makes this crime a Class D felony, which could mean up to six years in prison if convicted.

The pandemic has led to a lot more online shopping, but that also led to an increase in thieves stealing packages from strangers' doorsteps.

This is also called 'porch pirating' and the Arkansas legislature had something to say about that.

Now, if you're caught stealing from someone's property you could get charged with a felony.

"It's not just a thing that's being taken. It's someone's sense of security in their home," said Charles Finkenbinder, Conway City Attorney.

The new law was passed in this year's Arkansas legislative session. The lead sponsor was Representative Lee Johnson.

No one was immune to the crime. You have a package delivered and it's left on your porch, but a thief comes and swipes it. 

That crime used to be a misdemeanor. Now, it's …

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