Startups Accuse Amazon of Stealing Technology to Create Competing Products : US News : Latin Post [Video]

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Amazon is coming under fire once again after allegedly collecting confidential information from startups to produce and launch competing products.

In a recent article published by The Wall Street Journal, DefinedCrowd Corp., a technology startup, accused the multinational technology company of investing in their startup to gain access to confidential information.

According to DefinedCrowd founder and Chief Executive Daniela Braga, Amazon's venture-capital fund invested in their company. The funding earned the e-commerce giant access to the technology startup's finances and other information. Four years later, Amazon launched a cloud-computing unit that resembled what DefinedCrowd has.

Amazon Web Services' artificial intelligence product, called A21, competes with the startup business' foundational product. The new offering collects and labels data, which was almost exactly what DefinedCrowd's product did.

After seeing the announcement, Braga decided to limit Amazon's access to their company's data. She also diluted their stake by over 90 percent.

Several entrepreneurs and investors accused Amazon of meeting with startups about …

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