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Starting a Video Marketing Campaign for Your Business [Video]

From YouTube to Periscope to Facebook, video marketing is in full force and marketers who leverage video marketing now will reap the rewards of a fully engaged audience who are more likely to buy.

Therefore, matching your business objectives with effective video content can greatly increase your revenue. Video is the perfect medium for accomplishing a variety of business objectives:

Here are a few examples:


Rank videos on YouTube and Google to attract targeted prospects who are searching for terms related to your products & services.

Video Ads

Use Facebook Video or YouTube Pre-Roll ads to serve specific videos to your target market, track conversion, and segment.

Landing Page Video

Sell your product or service with video embedded onto your landing page. Split test short form and long form content.

Channel Development

Develop an audience of thousands with regularly scheduled video content designed to build your authority in the industry.

So what’s the first step in creating …

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Discover new take on ginseng with Beauty Touch Hawaii [Video]

Its Korean Culture Week on HI Now! Join Rachel Pacarro as she heads down to Don Quijote in Waipahu to learn more about Korean health products from Beauty Touch!Sponsored by Beauty TouchYasam is a unique ginseng mixture full of health benefits manufactured in Korea. Yasam derives from the word insam (ginseng) and ya (natural).Most people shy away from ginseng because of its earthy flavor, but Yasam is mixed and blended with palmyra palm jaggery which gives it a sweeter taste. Jaggery is a sugary syrup thats extracted from palmyra palm trees and has many health benefits as well. David Lim, Marketing Director at Beauty Touch, recommends mixing Yasam with club soda, milk, or yogurt to create a delicious, healthy snack to get your morning started.Ginseng is normally expensive in Korea but can be purchased at an affordable price here on the islands. Head down Beauty Touch in the Honolulu or Waipahu Don Quijote to try it out for yourself!For more information: Facebook and Instagram: @beautytouchhawaii

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242: Real Time Streaming w/ Jed Corenthal, CMO at Phenix 09/23 by Columbia Sports Management [Video]

Joe & Tom are joined by Phenix's Chief Marketing Officer Jed Corenthal to discuss real-time sports streaming. Phenix is a real-time streaming technology platform that can deliver synchronous streams with sub-half-second latency while maintaining broadcast quality and scale. Its proprietary platform is essential for delivering content in real-time to better engage audiences and deliver interactive experiences that drive revenue for sportsbooks, sports, and Esports properties as well as broadcast companies. Enjoy this enthusiastic, engaging episode of The CUSP Show. || @jedcorenthal || The CUSP Show is a production by the faculty of Sports Management at Columbia University. You can get in touch with the program on Twitter @CU_SPS_Sports. Our presenters are Joe Favorito (@Joefav) and Tom Richardson (@ConvergenceTR). The show is produced by Tom Cerny (@Tom_Cerny19), Taylor DeBernardo '21 (@TDeBernardo33), and Ben Walsh '21, with Cameron Morris '21 (@CameronM0rr1s) managing social media efforts.