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Squirrly SEO Review ❇️ AI WordPress SEO Plugin [LIFETIME DEAL] [Video]

Squirrly SEO Review ❇️ AI WordPress SEO Plugin [LIFETIME DEAL]

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0:28 What is Squirrly SEO?
1:16 Features
1:53 Squirrly SEO Pricing
2:31 Squirrly SEO Appsumo Lifetime deal
3:29 WordPress SEO Plugin
3:48 Dashboard
4:37 Squirrly SEO tutorial
4:41 Longtail keyword research
7:00 Live Assistant
8:33 All Snippets SEO Check
9:15 SEO Settings
9:49 Page Focus
11:11 SEO Audit
12:18 Rankings

If you are looking for a WordPress SEO plugin with some power, then you need to watch this Squirrly SEO review. Squirrly SEO is a new contender in the SEO world and some people are comparing Squirrly SEO vs Rankmath as well as Squirrly SEO vs Yoast, the big players in the industry.

To be honest, Squirrly brings a new spin to the table compared to the other two plugins. The best part of all, it’s currently on a lifetime deal! You can find out more info on it here

In the Squirrly SEO Tutorial portion of this review, I show you how you can quickly use Squirrly inside of your website to audit your pages, posts, find keywords and check your rankings. It is quite the powerhouse.

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