Squarespace Member Areas: 2021 setup tutorial, customer POV transaction, FAQs [Video]

Squarespace Member Areas: 2021 setup tutorial, customer POV transaction, FAQs

In this tutorial I show you exactly how to setup Squarespace Member Areas from scratch, followed by a customer POV transaction then answers to FAQs. Chapter timestamps are below 👇

## What are Squarespace Member Areas?
Squarespace Member Areas are private areas of your website, where you can provide premium content, exclusive to a signed up or paying group of your community.

## Tutorial Chapters
00:00 Tutorial overview
00:30 Important: Member Areas is an add-on
00:48 Important: Member Areas has no time limit to setup
00:59 Coupon: OPL10 for 10% off
01:07 The 3 types of memberships: One-time, Recurring & Free
01:38 Tutorial objective using a fictitious design school
01:56 Activate & Create a new Member Area
02:28 Set membership type
02:41 FAQ: Which page content type is best for premium content?
03:05 Adding a portfolio content type for video tutorials
03:53 Adding premium content with embedded unlisted YouTube vid
05:06 Adding Support page with contact form
05:32 FAQ: What is the default Member Areas home page?
05:46 Adding a title to the Member Areas home page
06:13 FAQ: How do I change the Member Areas navigation?
06:30 Adding a header CTA button to Member Areas
07:01 Adding a customer login link to main navigation
07:07 Adding premium content teasers under free content
08:16 Editing the Member Areas Access Denied Join page
08:38 FAQ: Can I create a custom Member Areas Landing Page?
09:02 Customer POV: Membership sign-up and payment
10:23 FAQ: What Member Areas pricing plan is right for me?
11:28 FAQ: What account options to my customers have? (Customer POV walkthrough of changing payment method, cancelling subscription and logging out)
12:00 FAQ: What do Member Areas confirmation emails look like?

## Tutorial: How to create a long-scrolling Landing Page (with a sticky header) with Squarespace:

## Pablo Stanley Auto-Layout Tutorial (cheers Pablo!)

## Hey! I’m Rob Hope

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