SQUARESPACE ECOMMERCE tutorial: Getting started with your online shop (7.1) [Video]

SQUARESPACE ECOMMERCE tutorial: Getting started with your online shop (7.1)

In this easy to follow Squarespace Ecommerce Begginer’s Tutorial, I’ll be sharing all the steps you need to know to get your Squarespace online store up and running and launched to the world! You’ll learn my best tips and tricks for learning how to build an online store on Squarespace 7.1, as well as some basic Ecommerce best practices to know!

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How to Transfer Squarespace Domain to Another Squarespace Site [Video]

In this video I'll show you how to transfer your Squarespace domain to another Squarespace site.Timestamps:Introduction: 0:00Steps to Transfer Squarespace Domain to Another Squarespace Site: 0:19Conclusion: 1:42Support this channel by becoming a member: Transcript:Squarespace makes it easy to set up new sites and purchase new domains for those sites. And if you need to transfer your domains around between your sites, Squarespace makes that simple as well. In this video I'll show you how to transfer a Squarespace domain you own to another Squarespace site.Step 1. Open a web browser and then navigate to your Squarespace dashboard. In this example I've currently got the domain associated with my MaxDalton.How site, and I want to move it to my new YouTube MBA Squarespace site that I want to build out.Step 2. Click "Domains" next to the Squarespace site the domain you want to transfer is currently associated with. The Domains screen is displayed.Step 3. Navigate to the Domains Managed by Squarespace section, and then click the name of the domain you want to transfer to another Squarespace site. In this example, I'll click my domain. Information associated with that domain is shown.Step 4. Scroll down the screen, and then click "Move Domain to Another Site." The Select a Destination For Your Domain screen is displayed.Step 5. Click the Squarespace site you want to move your Squarespace domain to. In this example I'll click my YouTube MBA site. A window pops up asking you to confirm the Squarespace site you want to move your domain from and to.Step 6. Click "Confirm." A message is displayed confirming that your domain has been moved.


Learn how to easily upload any fonts that you have on your computer to Squarespace, so you can use them on your website! This tutorial contains a little bit of coding to get your custom fonts onto your Squarespace site, but it's really easy! This is a great way to customize your Squarespace site and make your design unique.TIMESTAMPS:0:00 Intro00:36 Where to find the built-in Squarespace fonts01:05 Buying the correct font licenses02:50 How to Upload Custom Fonts to Squarespace (Getting the correct file types, uploading the fonts to Squarespace, coding in your font, applying it to different text styles)MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO: 👉🏼 Squarespace: * 👉🏼 Web Font Generator:👉🏼 Looking for the codes from this video? Visit this post: to copy + paste all of the codes used in this video.🖥️ FREE TRAINING: DIY Your Dream Website - Join instantly here: 💰 SQUARESPACE DISCOUNT CODE: Use code BIGCATCREATIVE10 for 10% off your first year of Squarespace! Sign up here *💻 Ready to up your Squarespace Website Design? Check out our Squarespace Template Kits: MORE GOODIES: 👉🏼 Visit our blog full of Squarespace Tips & Tricks:👉🏼 Follow us on Instagram: *This is an affiliate link. I may earn a commission if you sign up using this link, at no cost to you, of course :) I only promote things that I love and recommend.


What is markdown?In this brief tutorial, we'll take a quick glance at the concept of markdown and how to add it to your Squarespace page.If you're new to markup / markdown, this video may help. We'll talk about a few examples before showing how to add the block inside a Squarespace website.When you're ready to start editing, this cheat sheet for Markdown: may come in handy.For any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us through