Sourcing RA via Outlets & Live Q&A with Michael Morejon, Ecommerce Empowerment Coach [Video]

Sourcing RA via Outlets & Live Q&A with Michael Morejon, Ecommerce Empowerment Coach

Let’s talk with Ecommerce Empowerment Coach Michael Morejon about his Retail Arbitrage journey.
We will discuss sourcing via RA and specific sourcing outlet stores to sell on Amazon.
To learn more about Michael visit his coach page:
Hola! Michael was born in NYC, but raised and still living in Miami, FL. He’s Cuban, also speaks Spanish, and is excited to help you with your business!

He and his wife have been selling on Amazon for over 6 years after listening to a podcast where a FBA seller was sharing their story. From that day, he started learning how to sell online by thrifting, garage sales, estate sales and just random things from home.

The first few years were full of ups and downs! They made lots of mistakes, watched videos, purchased courses, read ebooks, joined Facebook groups (paid and free), bought wrong items, lost profit, and got coaching (thanks Jess Hill!). They have been able to grow their business to multiple six figures in sales for the past 3 years.

Over time, his wife has been able to work full-time doing ecommerce from home. They turned their backyard into a prep center (for themselves), and have several VAs overseas and part-time local employees helping them source and ship. He also sells on other platforms like eBay, Mercari, Poshmark or Facebook. Their main strategies on Amazon are Retail & Online Arbitrage, as well as some wholesale which continues to grow every year as they grow their team.

Michael is a full-time Special Education teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Special Ed. He’s been teaching over 10 years in various grades or positions. They recently welcomed their first child in 2020, who has been a huge blessing and addition to their family.

Some of his hobbies include: reading, playing video games, watching anime, movies, traveling, eating healthy, learning about business and listening to music (Spotify is life).

Mike specializes in the following areas, but don’t hesitate to ask him about something not listed here:

Getting started on Amazon, opening an account

Sending your first shipment via Seller Central or Inventory Lab

Finding products in stores or online via RA (Retail Arbitrage) or OA (Online Arbitrage)

Finding distributors for wholesale products

Repricing, using software to get reimbursements, keeping your account healthy

Hiring and managing VAs (Virtual assistants) to help you save time and improve your business

Selling on other platforms like ebay, Mercari, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace He looks forward to helping you grow your business and learn strategies to hopefully save time and be more efficient in ecommerce. Thank you!

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