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Social Media News Round Up – 2020 Review [Video]

Social Media News Round Up – 2020 Review

Social Media News Round Up – 2020 Review with Natalie Eminae and Pascal Fintoni.

As we are fast approaching the end of this year, social media expert Natalie Eminae is joining me for an extensive recap on all the changes and updates to your favourite social network:

[01:40] Instagram the surprise winner of 2020, not only did the platform celebrate its 10th birthday but it also introduced new features to make messaging, online shopping and video marketing a lot easier.

[16:10] Facebook has continued to make the headlines for all the right and wrong reasons, for us marketers we have enjoyed new features for advertising, live video, Facebook Shops, Facebook News, Messenger Rooms and many more.

[31:00] WhatsApp has surprised marketers and casual users with a greater integration with Facebook products such as Messenger including easier way to shop and sell products via the platform.

[38:15] Twitter is still trying …

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