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social media marketing strategy basics [Video]

social media marketing strategy basics

social media marketing strategy basics. nothing is more important in marketing than identifying and understanding your target audience (or audiences). after you can describe your customers’ and prospects’ demographic characteristics, where they live, and what social media they use, you’re in a position to focus your social marketing efforts on those people most likely to buy your products or services. because social media techniques focus on inexpensive ways to reach niche markets with specific messages, they’re tailor-made for a guerrilla-marketing approach. as with all guerrilla-marketing activities, target one market at a time.

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intro 00:00
overview 00:09
market segmentation 01:37
demographic, geographic, and purchasing behavior 05:15
psychographic segmentation, and affinity groups 08:08
market research 09:37
marketing plan 11:17

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Social Media Marketing

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