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Social Media Marketing Holidays to Inspire Your Next Successful Campaign [Video]

In the online world, every day is a wacky social media holiday.

While the ‘holiday’ season is widely known for kicking off shopping frenzy around the globe, other international holidays like the National Pizza Day are gradually becoming popular in raking in the moolah too.

You might think “why should I spend time and resources building a full social media marketing and an online sales campaign around one day that falls in a ‘non-seasonal’ period? Wouldn’t I benefit more by focusing my efforts on the ‘holiday’ season of the year?”

You might have a point … if you are one of the big-box stores with millions of dollars in promotional budgets at their dispense to offer competition-killer deals and devour upcoming retailers.

These may not be ‘real’ holidays in their truest sense. However, you will find that leveraging social media marketing efforts around these days can bear fruit in the …

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