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Social Media Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits [Video]

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Have you used social media to boost awareness of your charity,  Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) or other nonprofit? Wish to generate greater traction for your online marketing efforts?

In this article, you will learn how to raise your nonprofit’s profile, improve fundraising efforts, and foster greater advocacy through social media marketing.

Before we plunge into these social media best practices, let us first look at what a nonprofit is.

What is a Nonprofit?

A nonprofit or not-for-profit organisation can be defined as an organisation which supports a specific cause or which advocates a specific point of view. Unlike for-profit organisations like companies and businesses, nonprofits aren’t set up to generate revenue⁠—their ultimate goal is to “change the world” (or at least their immediate communities) in pursuit of a social, environmental, religious, political, scientific, or other cause.

Most nonprofit organisations are set-up as charities or Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs). While some do conduct revenue-generating …

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