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Social Media Marketing: 8 Social Media Channels That Are a Must for Marketing Your Business in 2021 [Video]

Social Media Marketing: 8 Social Media Channels That Are a Must for Marketing Your Business in 2021

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With the hundreds of social media channels out there, you should choose carefully the best one for marketing your business. Choosing the social media marketing networks should be based on the features of each platform as well as on your industry, company’s characteristics, and business goals.

If you’re just getting started in social media marketing, we are here to help.

Here are the 8 top social media networks in 2021 for companies in all industries and all niches. These channels will maximize your brand’s exposure to qualified audiences, generate leads, convert leads into customers, and drive sales up.

#1: Facebook

Facebook was the first real social media network and as such established the basis of social media marketing for businesses. Whether you are looking for organic engagement on social media or for paid ads, Facebook cannot be ignored.

Benefits of Facebook marketing:
– Access to 2.8 billion monthly active users
– Exposure to leads and customers from all backgrounds and all geographies
– Easy and efficient repurposing of digital content
– Mo special skills or experience required

#2: Instagram

Second on the list of the best social media channels for marketing a business in 2021 is Instagram. Owned by Facebook, this network is a leader in the field of sharing photos, other images, and short videos.

Benefits of Instagram marketing:
– Connecting with 1 billion monthly active users
– A platform that’s ideal for photo and video content
— Access to a highly engaged and active community

#3: Twitter

One more social media network that you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy in 2021 is Twitter. This platform is particularly suitable for brands which are just getting started in social media marketing.

Benefits of Twitter marketing:
– Marketing to 330 million monthly active users
– Efficient and effective repurposing of content
– Short-form posts which don’t take much time and effort

#4: Tumblr

As the leading microblog website, Tumblr is yet another must on your list of the best social media channels for marketing your business. This social media network comes with a devoted community which gives real meaning to the word social.

Benefits of Tumblr marketing:
– Bringing your content to 327 million active users
– Access to a platform that’s appropriate for different forms of digital content
– Easy and time-efficient content creating and posting

#5: YouTube

You probably don’t need to be convinced of the power of YouTube marketing when it comes to promoting your businesses online. YouTube is by far the most popular and the most visited video sharing website with over 2 billion active users each and every monthly.

Benefits of YouTube marketing:
– Sharing your videos with 2 billion monthly active users
– Access to the global leader in video marketing

#6: Reddit

Compared to other social media channels, Reddit offers unique opportunities for marketing your business. To be able to engage with Reddit users, become a part of the community, and successfully market a brand, you have to be careful about following the Reddit etiquette.

Benefits of Redding marketing:
– Engaging with 430 million monthly active users
– Engagement from a very devoted audience

#7: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media network, which gives you exposure to millions of other professionals from your industry as well as to millions of potential customers from around the world. LinkedIn marketing gives you the opportunity to establish your brand’s online presence, build your reputation, and market your business.

Benefits of LinkedIn marketing:
– Networking with 760 million monthly active users
– Access to a professional social media network

#8: Google My Business

Google My Business concludes the list of the top social media channels for marketing your business in 2021. Creating a business listing on Google My Business and creating posts boosts organic ranking and organic traffic to your website.

Benefits of Google My Business marketing:
– Exposure to 1 billion Google monthly active users
– Boosting organic ranking and search results

Marketing on social media is a must for your business in 2021. If you are not active on social media channels, you will be left behind the competition, missing on major opportunities to grow your business at an unprecedented rate.

Now that you know what platforms to get all, all that’s left is to create accounts on these sites and start posting.

If you are getting worried that scheduling social media posts on all these networks will be overwhelming, you have no reason to worry.

We at Studiorific Social help you streamline and automate your social media marketing processes. Schedule posts on all these 8 must-have social media channels from a single platform.

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