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Social Media for Government – A Study of Ireland’s Public Sector [Video]

Social media success in government and public sector

What is successful social media for government?

I've got the answer. In fact, it took me 6 pain-staking weeks to compile the 2020 State of Social Media in the Public Sector report which profiles 500+ oreganisations.

Why the State of Social Media in the Public Sector report?

Social media is a mainstream form of communication for government and public sector agencies. COVID-19 put an extra impetus on digital communications as without a vaccine our government and public health agencies had to communicate quickly, effectively, and across a broad range of channels in order to reach, engage and convert messages into new behaviours.

While the speed of adoption of social media within Ireland’s public sector has been behind the private sector curve, it is on par with counterpart organisations across Europe, the United States, and Australia.

This study takes a forensic look at:

  • 1048 social media profiles audited
  • 518 organisations included in the study
  • 12 sectoral categories
  • 9 core metrics
  • 6 months of analysis
  • 5 social networks


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