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Social Media Advertising Pricing & Facebook Ads Cost [Video]

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Social Media Advertising – a type of pay-per-click advertising – can be one of the most affordable, effective ways to broaden the reach of your business. Find out how you can use it to target your ideal customer and bring in more new leads.

BizIQ’s Social Advertising Packages offer the most affordable, transparent solution for Facebook and social network advertising in the industry.

We believe that advertising should be accessible to small businesses across the United States, and we make that happen by offering affordable and flexible packages that give you the visibility your business needs on platforms like Facebook to bring in more new leads and customers. Here are our pricing packages for social network platforms.

Campaign Setup
Monthly Management
Ad Spend
Ad Copy Creation (Ad Build Out) Custom Audience Creation
Facebook Ad Account Creation Facebook Billing Integration
Lead Form Creation (if applicable) Ad Scheduling
Conversion Tracking Integration (tracking number, form …
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