Social Graph VS Interest Graph: The Social Dilemma [Video]

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Social graph vs Interest Graph | iTMunch

Here’s a quick experiment for you – swap your TikTok credentials with one of your friends or someone in your family and compare the posts that appear on their feed with yours. You’ll realise that they’re completely different posts that appear on theirs. You might have never seen some faces ever before. This isn’t true just for TikTok but for YouTube and e-commerce websites such as Amazon as well. It is because these platforms work on something called the Interest Graph.

The interest graph is something completely different from the social graph that Facebook uses. Social networking platform Facebook shows everything on your feed on the basis of everything that it knows about you. Take a deep dive into what a social graph and an interest graph is, how they work, what platforms use which type of graphs and how they use the data we provide them with, for good …

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