Snapchat Rolls Out New AR Art Project Which Places Digital ‘Monuments’ Across LA [Video]

Snapchat has introduced a new digital art project in association with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), which will place 5 digital ‘monuments’ around LA “that explore history and representation for communities” across the region.


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As seen in the video above, the users will be able to see the new digital monuments via the Snap camera, allowing users to engage more with these additions.

Explanation By Snapchat

Designed to be experienced at locations around the city through the Snapchat Camera, you can find them at sites including LACMA, MacArthur Park, Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park, and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Those in the area can discover the virtual monuments easily by looking for their markers on the Snap Map.

This new project by Snapchat is the latest ongoing exploration of AR as an artistic medium and a type of presentation for modern artworks. Through the experiments like these, Snapchat is offering new …

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