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SLO County boutique sees boost in business thanks to social media [Video]

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. – Local businesses have been scrambling to stay afloat during the shutdowns and restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

"There isn't a tutorial out there — like 'this is how you transition your business in a pandemic.'"

This emergency has pushed many business owners into new fields, forcing them to become experts in online marketing at an unbelievable pace.

One exmaple is Anna Pecharich, who owns a clothing and gift boutique on the Central Coast.

Like so many other small business owners, she was forced to close her doors to customers in 2020, with no instruction manual on how to keep her business alive.

"We're writing the book as were going," Pecharich said.

However, it was quickly evident that the way to survive is to go online.

"When COVID first hit, they needed a way to reach out to their customers, and the best way to do that was through Facebook, Instagram, and those …

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