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Skyrocketing B2B Lead Generation by Optimizing the Chatbot on our Website – Botfuse [Video]

Skyrocketing B2B Lead Generation by Optimizing the Chatbot on our Website – Botfuse

Skyrocketing B2B Lead Generation by Optimizing the ChatBot on our Website – Botfuse

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As you may or may not have heard, if you’ve been watching this channel for a while, we acquired a business called Botfuse, which is a chatbot company. It’s a smarter way to generate sales leads. Basically, it’s a chatbot that lives on your website and helps you collect information from your customers, and guides them through the buying process so that they buy without you ever having to talk to them.

We’re still a new company. We are a newborn baby. One of the things we hadn’t done to this point was install Botfuse on our own website. Right now, if you go to, you’ll see that we have the landing page set up. We also have this little pink button, which is our Botfuse bot. Andre, who is our co-founder here with me, and Robert and Andre all run Botfuse together, wrote this bot for the site.

You can see this bot’s decent, but what I want to do today is look at one of our competitors, Continually, who is also a chatbot site, and look at what they’re doing correctly with their bot and see if there’s anything we can learn from Continually when it comes to optimizing our chatbot. Let’s make our chatbot script better by looking at our competitor, Continually. Stick around.

0:00 What are Chatbots?

0:48 Analyzing the Competitor’s Bot

2:42 The Modelling Method

3:24 Optimizing the Botfuse bot

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