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Six ways to steer marketing in the post-pandemic world [Video]

If there is one lesson we can take from 2020, it’s that life is indeed unpredictable. This hasn’t been an easy year for businesses. The pandemic brought with it extreme changes in customer behavior, unprecedented government restrictions, and an overall hostile economic environment.

If you managed to survive this crisis, pat yourself on the back. You managed to brave what was an unprecedented crisis.

So what’s next?

Marketing after the pandemic

According to Mckinsey, the rate at which businesses have adopted emerging technologies has been sped up by years due to the pandemic. More people now shop through ecommerce stores and communicate with their friends through video conferencing than ever before.

And surprisingly, this won’t change once the virus is defeated. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed customer behavior forever for some customers according to a recent survey by UNCTAD. However, there will still be those who will go back to their previous ways without wasting a second.

Here’s how you …

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