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Should You Use Paid Search in Your Marketing Campaign? Marketing [Video]

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Paid search is a powerful advertising strategy that allows you to get your business listed highly in search engines. The premise is simple: You’ll pay a certain amount of money for each click you earn in your listing. You’ll then decide on a number of variables. This can include which keywords and/or demographics you want to target. Also, you’ll want to determine the nature of your ad (i.e., its position, form, and medium). Once listed, you’ll attract traffic to your site and pay for it on a per-click basis (in most cases).

Paid search marketing is available through Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Millions of businesses have used it to improve brand visibility, generate traffic, and earn more conversions. However, it’s not a perfect strategy, and there are many benefits and weaknesses you should understand before moving forward.

The Pros of Paid Search

These are some of the most impressive upsides to using …

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