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Should You Post To LinkedIn On The Weekends? [Video]

Do you post on LinkedIn on the weekends?

And should you?

According to Chris Walker…

Yes, you should. 

A few months ago I had Chris on my Ambitious Outcomes LinkedIn Live show.

I’ll be sharing more clips from his awesome interview in the next few weeks.

In this 90-second clip he answers a question from a viewer:

Is it a good idea to post on LinkedIn on Saturday and Sunday? 

What he says about his own “weekend posts” might surprise you. 

Check out the video then let me know in the comments.

Do you post to LinkedIn on Saturday and/or Sunday?

Personally, I don’t consistently. Sometimes, yes. 

This past Sunday – yes.

And it was a super simple post with a pic that performed really well. 

The main reason I don’t every weekend is because it gives me a break! 

Unlike the NuWave, it’s really hard for me to “set it and forget it.” 

Which means I’m spending more time on social media. 

However, when …

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