Shopify Products Trends Week #13 || Shopify Winning Products [Video]

Shopify Products Trends Week #13 || Shopify Winning Products

Product Trends
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Week 13
Uncertainty is all that is certain…
Here’s what’s trending:
1) Sleeping bag
šŸ’”Marketing tip: Sleeping bags tend to be marketed to campers, but their use goes beyond just camping. This makes them perfect for niche marketing. Try appealing to a segment of the market with unique needs, preferences, or identities to gain an advantage over larger brands.
2) Vacuum flask
šŸ’”Marketing tip: Donā€™t be intimidated by larger brands. Name recognition can be a detriment when selling to customers that value exclusivity. Perform a competitive analysis to identify a unique selling proposition to help guide your branding and marketing decisions.
What else is trending?
3) Red-light therapy lamp
šŸ’”Marketing tip: Remember that red-light therapy lamps are a medical product, so youā€™ll need to earn your customerā€™s trust before they purchase from you. Learn how visitors evaluate the trustworthiness of a new brand by checking out our customer trust checklist.
4) Water flosser
šŸ’”Marketing tip: Water flossers offer a great set of ā€œcompanionā€ products for bundling or cross-selling. Try pairing them with other trending dental tools like tongue scrapers, interdental picks, or everyday items like floss and toothpaste.
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