Shopify or WordPress for Dropshipping? – 5 Key Elements to Consider [Video]

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When I decided to open a dropshipping store, the first thing that came to mind was using Shopify. However, a part of me didn’t want to use Shopify for a couple of reasons.

One, I didn’t want to pay the monthly fee when I knew I could open an e-commerce store using WordPress for free.

Two, I was concerned about ownership of my store. Using a service like Shopify means that you are relying fully on their service. If you want to move your store later, you can’t take anything with you except a file export of your products.

In this post, I will highlight 5 key elements to consider when you’re deciding to use Shopify or WordPress for dropshipping.

1. The Cost of Using Shopify vs WordPess for Dropshipping

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One of the biggest things to consider is the cost of using Shopify vs WordPress. Shopify has three different pricing …

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