Shopify News, Dreamhack results & more with RotterdamM08 hosting Ep.128 of #ThePylonShow [Video]

Shopify News, Dreamhack results & more with RotterdamM08 hosting Ep.128 of #ThePylonShow

Thanks to our guests for joining us:

00. 00:00:00 Intro
01. 00:01:40 Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions
02. 00:04:44 ESL Shopify partnership – TLMC news
03. 00:22:27 Dreamhack updates!
04. 00:23:18 Dreamhack – Oceania
05. 00:27:50 Dreamhack – TW / HK / MO / JP
06. 00:30:09 Dreamhack – Europe
07. 01:02:06 Dreamhack – LM
08. 01:10:47 Dreamhack – KR
09. 01:15:00 Dreamhack – NA
10. 01:22:28 Dreamhack – CN
11. 01:24:11 Patreon Q&A
12. 01:25:52 How to engage with the casual and super casual players?
13. 01:28:48 How would you fundamentally change SC2 maps in any way that does not affect gameplay?
14. 01:33:24 How would you like to see ESL and DreamHack get involved in map making?
15. 01:36:38 Rotti’s question for Cuku
16. 01:42:29 Final thoughts / Wrap up
17. 01:50:43 This Week In Starcraft / Thanks for watching

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Track: Koven – Never Have I Felt This [NCS Release]
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