Shopify Marketing Strategy | Content Marketing | Concurate Internal [Video]

Shopify Marketing Strategy | Content Marketing | Concurate Internal

Every Friday at Concurate, one of the team members presents a session on one of the topics related to marketing, sales, SEO, business, etc.

Last Friday, we covered Shopify’s marketing strategy.

Shopify has powered 1.5 million businesses across the globe as of May 2021 and made almost $3 billion in revenue in the year 2020.

As a side effect of the pandemic, many more businesses are moving online, Shopify is a great place for them to start. As Shopify does not require a business owner to have a technical background to do so. Shopify provides help in every way possible to business owners. Shopify truly lives by its tagline – “Empowering independent business owners everywhere”.

From the blog posts to free tools to Shopify’s app store to video marketing there is one thing common in all their marketing efforts – “The sole focus is on providing helpful content to business owners to drive their business better.”

Check out the video to learn more ….. Hopefully, it shall inspire you to curate a marketing strategy for your business.


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