Shopify CRO Strategy: How to Get More From Google Analytics in Less Time [Video]

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There are typically three types of companies who do Shopify conversion optimization:

  1. Those who implement experiments based on gut and intuition without leveraging data.
  2. Those who use some of their data to drive experimentation but rely on standard reports in Google Analytics or Shopify.
  3. Those who follow a structured approach to collecting, analyzing, and acting on the right data to make improvements.

If you’ve been running conversion optimization experiments (e.g. a/b testing) this year but haven’t seen a measurable increase in conversion rate then chances are you’re in cohort 1 or 2.

The main issues with running a conversion optimization program without a clear data collection strategy are:

  1. You waste time testing changes to your site that have a low overall revenue opportunity
  2. You don’t have a true understanding of what is actually impacting your user experience leading to conversions
  3. You focus on purchase conversions only, skipping over awareness, consideration and comparison stages

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