Shopify At A Glance – WooCommerce Tutorial [Video]

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Shopify At A Glance – WooCommerce Tutorial

Shopify At A Glance is a free tutorial by OMG – Mastermind from WooCommerce course
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Are you planning to sell products online but are not sure which platform to choose. Are you uncertain about which products you should sell or are you not sure how to kickstart your business. Fret not for you are on the right path. Why would I say so. Well I’m going to use this video to walk you through a better understanding of the online selling platform Shopify this amazing service is a platform where you can build your own e-store and start selling. Are you excited about it. Let’s get started. First of all what is Shopify. How much do you know about Shopify. Let me give you a brief explanation of what Shopify is and how it works. Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa Ontario which develops computer software for online stores and retail point of sale systems. It was founded in 2004 and was initially based on earlier software written by its founders for their online snowboard store. Shopify is a web application that allows you to create your online store. It provides you with several templates that can be customized to meet individual users branding requirements and almost everything you need from end to end. Regardless of the product or experience of the seller. Furthermore the system allows both physical and digital goods to be sold. It’s similar to hiring a general contractor to build your house. Compared to being the general contractor in hiring all the subcontractors yourself you’re still in control but you let the general contractor use their expertise to make the project happen. Shopify is a good idea for you if you want to launch an online shop or if you already have a physical store but want to continue growing your business by selling your products online it caters to a broad range of industries such as art and photography clothing and fashion electronics food and beverages and so much more. You can basically choose to sell any sort of gadget or widget or physical product and Shopify can help make this an easier process for you. As I mentioned earlier Shopify is a simple shopping cart solution for your e-commerce business. By using it you won’t have to worry about hosting your shopping cart maintaining servers or presenting your brand and your inventory to potential customers. In this section will explore why you should choose Shopify as your online business platform. One of the best things about Shopify is that it’s really easy to use. It gives you tools to build your online store. For example it provides tools to insert product images or descriptions tools to manage your inventory tools to organize your product into categories and so on. Not only are the tools provided Shopify also takes care of the coding and web hosting issues. This means that you do not need technical expertise to launch an online store with Shopify. All you need is inventory using Shopify allows entrepreneurs to focus on their business and not on the technical nuts and bolts of Web sites and shopping cart management. However even though it’s simple to use it does not mean that Shopify is a bare boned basic shopping cart. Use the Shopify manual to introduce yourself to the shop F-I user interface and to guide you through the process of information capture and database management. In addition Shopify also hosts a help wiki that is built collaboratively between Shopify developers and users. Next Shopify is hosted. What do we mean by hosted. It’s the same way that you don’t need to install software. If you use Spotify your shopping cart is fully hosted by Shopify they take care of the usual web site logistics issues such as management payment gateways and hosting Shopify system allows you to organize customer information for marketing purposes and to keep a close eye on your inventory. It’s also flexible enough to adapt to just about any kind of inventory you can throw at it while relieving you from the burden of hours spent coding and fine tunin

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