Share and Profit Shopify App [Video]

Share and Profit Shopify App

Grow sales by turning your shopify store visitors into instant affiliates.

This app turns your store visitors into motivated influencers, boosting your traffic and sales
With this app you get all the benefits of effective social media, influencer, and affiliate marketing in a super simple, neat package.

After a quick one-step installation, a floating social sharing button is added to your store pages allowing your visitors to instantly start promoting your products to their many followers and friends across social networks, online as well as offline.

In exchange for their efforts in driving traffic and sales to your store, your influencers will get a small monetary reward – a percentage of the sales revenue resulting from their referrals.

You simply set the reward percentage and the app handles the rest behind the scenes.

Instant affiliate program
You will get an affiliate program right out of the box without the need of complicated setups and finding right affiliates.

Social Sharing
Our social sharing functionality works seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices allowing all visitors to your store to instantly promote your products to their fans and contacts on any device or social platform.

Unlimited Targeted Traffic and Sales
No limits on the amount of shared links visitors can create using this app’s social sharing widget.
No limits on the amount of traffic and sales you get from shared links.
Unlimited Links
The app ensures that all shared links remain live forever.
These links point back to your store allowing more people to discover your products straight from their social feeds.
The app makes shared links available to all popular search engines allowing more people to find your products via online search.
Works Anywhere
Our app integrates seamlessly with your store and works perfectly across all devices, themes, and platforms.

Seamless Operation
This app takes care of everything behind the scenes to allow you to fully focus on your business skipping the complexities of managing an affiliate program on your own.

Everyone’s an Influencer
All people who visit your store, whether they are your customer or not, can instantly create shared links to promote your store.

Simple Referral Payouts
After setup, you set the payout reward percentage on completed referral sales and the app will handle the rest behind the scenes.

Customer Success Team
We treat all our app users like family.
Dedicated all-star customer success teams help your store grow.

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