Setting up “Kingdom Shopify Theme” from Krown Themes [Video]

Setting up “Kingdom Shopify Theme” from Krown Themes

Kingdom is an image focused theme, designed around a stylish signature sidebar.

Get the theme here:

Table of contents:

00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – The theme customizer
01:45 – The sidebar section
03:07 – Text columns with icons
03:58 – Footer
04:38 – Colors & typography

06:02 – Slideshow: vertical
07:09 – Slideshow: horizontal
07:55 – Featured collection
08:43 – Collections list
09:40 – Rich text
12:01 – Shop the look
12:41 – Video
15:09 – Testimonials
15:48 – Blog posts
17:05 – Heading
17:30 – Contact form
18:30 – Images with text
19:30 – Gallery
20:09 – Other

20:51 – Product templates
21:51 – Product information
24:32 – Product custom sections
27:42 – Assigning product templates
29:11 – Using product metafields to create unique, rich pages
38:51 – Final words about product pages

41:22 – More on page templates
43:24 – Customizing the product grid
45:00 – Theme style

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