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SEO Last Month September 2020 | Google Updates, Facebook Updates [Video]

SEO last month September 2020
Links To Source Of The News
Lead gen ads on Youtube:
Our coverage of lead gen ads in Google Ads:
Google Search Console API update:
Article type schema data added in rich results testing tool:
People cards in India launched:
Edit function on SERP for GMB owners & managers:
Firefox extends it’s deal with Google:
Facebook waived off fee over paid online events:
Google search console insights for content creators launched in close beta:
Activity cards launched for shopping, job search, recipe:
New Adsense reporting page:
Apple search engine in works(?):
Licensable filter & tags in Google image search:

0:00 Introduction
0:33 5 August 2020 – Lead Generation Ads in YouTube
1:19 6 August 2020 – Search Console API Update
1:54 10 August 2020 – Article Type Schema Data Inclusion In Rich Results Testing Tool
2:38 11 August 2020 – People’s Cards Launched In India
3:29 13 August 2020 …

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