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SEO For Dentists – Top 6 Tips for Local Dental SEO [Video]

Great SEO for dentists typically focuses on localized dental marketing efforts. The word ‘local’ simply means that the SEO tactics being used are focused on the geographical area of where the practice is located.  So, don’t get confused when a marketing expert says ‘You need to focus on SEO.’ and another marketing expert says, ‘You need to focus on local SEO.’ SEO for dentists is always localized, therefore it is essentially the same thing.

Let’s get started on the top 6 ideas for local dental SEO!

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is your dental practice’s business listing in the Google business database. Think of it like Google’s business directory. You’re listing had better be there and it needs to be claimed. Claiming simply means that you control the listing and can update and edit the listing.

It is really importantthat you claim, verify and update your GMB listing. The information in your GMB …

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