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SEO Content Writing Tips For #1 Google Rankings 2021 Videos [Video]

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Today you will learn SEO content writing tips to rank #1 on Google in 2021. Supporting articles is the topic we will cover today in this video.
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Supporting informational content to high commercial intent webpages. This is what I will explain first and draw out white board style. What a supporting article is and how it can help your higher converting pages more traffic and higher rankings.

And then after I explain what supporting SEO articles I will then take you too two seperate examples to help more SEO’s. One will be an affiliate site that showcases supporting article content in a great way.

Then for the local SEO’s watching I will take you to another page that gives supporting content to his main service.

I hope that this is helpful for those that have wondered about SEO content writing in the past and what a supporting page was.

If …

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