Senior Internet Service | Free, Low Cost and Cheap Internet for Seniors [Video]

The internet has changed the game for most people today. That includes seniors. The information, news, and connections you need are just a few clicks away online. Seniors who are looking for information about the internet and how to use it will find a wealth of options available to them today.

A Brief History of the Internet

Have you heard of the Internet? Of course! Even if you haven’t been online you can’t avoid the articles on the World Wide Web, e-commerce, eTrade, eBay, and even eToys. Mainstream magazines now devote entire sections of their publications to “e-news”. But the Internet is a relatively recent phenomena.

The Internet came to life as a result of the cold war. It occurred to people in the Pentagon that the US was vulnerable to an atomic strike which would wipe out its communications infrastructure. The best defense, it seemed, was to avoid having a single nexus of communication, but …

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