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Sales vs Marketing – Where Should Your Focus Be? [Video]

Sales vs Marketing – Where Should Your Focus Be?

Every business must make the shift from marketing to sales if they want to succeed. If you don’t understand the difference between sales and marketing, you won’t be able to shift your attention, focus and priority when the timing is required.

In this video you are shown a visual framework that will help you understand the difference between sales and marketing. Miles Beckler gets on his whiteboard and reveals the roadmap for digital marketers and entrepreneurs in order to help you self identify where you are in the journey between sales and marketing.

It is best to think of these two sides of your business like offense and defense on a sport. It takes very different skills and focused effort in both disciplines in order to create a winning long-term business.

The marketing side of the business is what helps you grow your audience, gain the attention of the marketplace, build trust, likability, etc…

The sales side of your business is when you actually enter the phase of customer acquisition whether it’s with your products or with affiliate products.

Too many business owners who are new to the Internet marketing and online business world are going straight to the selling side of the equation without the appropriate skills as discussed in this video.

It is possible to accelerate your path into the customer acquisition side of the business but it takes specific and difficult to learn skills as explained here…

This acceleration requires going into the world of paid add traffic, generally using Facebook ads and sales funnels or driving traffic directly to your sales letters that have excellent copywriting.

for help getting better at copywriting I have put together this post that shares my 11 tips on creating landing pages that convert:

Likewise, I have a video here on YouTube where I break down the individual components of a multimillion dollar sales funnel so you can understand how all of the pieces fit together

If you would like additional help or resources so you can scale up in the world of copywriting fast, be sure to check out my resources page here:

Also, you will want to study up on Facebook ads and how to run advertising on the Facebook platform if you go this direction, so start with my free YouTube video here:

Now, you may be more interested in building your business organically by growing into an authority site like I have done multiple times over.

I have published an extremely valuable video called the ATM strategy revealed here

That video above walks you through the most valuable marketing strategy for Internet marketers and online business builders.

But ultimately I think it’s important for you to understand why I am not all in on sales funnels and Facebook ads because so many gurus make it sound like that’s the only option…

I have created this video here to answer that exact question:

Then I go deeper into the specific steps on this video:

I hope you find this video and the links in the ascription here helpful on your path to building the online business of your dreams.

With gratitude,
Miles Beckler

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