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Sales Prospecting For B2B Sales & Business Development | Lead Generation 101 [Video]

Sales Prospecting For B2B Sales & Business Development | Lead Generation 101

Here is how to do Sales Prospecting For B2B Sales & Business Development | Lead Generation 101

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Let’s talk about Sales Prospecting for B2B businesses. Sales is the only thing that matters in a business. All right? And I get hate from everyone every time I say that. Yes, from a product point of view, the product matters, all right? But who’s using the product? The buyers. From a collections point of view, the unpaid invoices matter, but who’s generating the invoices? The salesman. Everything comes down to sales. If your business is not selling anything, you’re not a real business, one, and two, you might be in trouble and you might need to just grab Email10k, so that you can start actually growing your business. So, what do you do? How do you find these leads? How do you find these prospects, as they’re called, to put them on your calendar so that you can actually start generating Sales and grow your business rather than pretend to have a business or be the captain of a sinking ship? Stick around.

Now, there are two goals when it comes to Sales Prospecting. You want to find the right type of customers, and you want to fill your pipeline with those customers. It’s quality, the right type of customers, and quantity, massive amounts of the right type of customers. And if you can master both of those, then your business is going to skyrocket. You’re not going to have any trouble booking meetings or making sales. And first we should talk a little bit about the difference between a lead and a prospect. What is a lead? And what’s a prospect, and how do you separate the two? Well, a lead is somebody that comes through your website, maybe you have their email address. Maybe you have their phone number, or if you’re doing outbound, you’re doing a cold email process, a lead is somebody who you haven’t contacted yet, but they’re on your list.

Now, how does that compare to an actual prospect? Well, a prospect is somebody who is qualified. Maybe they filled out the contact form on your site, which includes budget, like ours does at X27, or on any of our businesses, or maybe if they’re a cold email recipient, then maybe they’ve responded to the emails or even opened the email to prove that they’re real. Those are prospects. Now, leads are much easier to generate. If you wanted a thousand email addresses, you could go out there and maybe you run a Facebook ad and collect them worldwide for a penny, right? But qualified prospects are where it starts getting more expensive, and if we’re talking ads again, it’d be like 14, $15 an email for some of these prospects, or with cold email, it’s basically the same cost for both, which is way less than 14 an email.

0:00 Why Sales is the Most Important Thing?

1:35 Lead vs Prospect

2:53 What is a Good Prospect for You?

3:42 The Awareness Level of the Prospect

5:45 The Best Way to Reach Out

6:50 Personalized Outreach

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