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Richards Group founder resigns after racist remarks, Uber criticized for sending political app notifications and Barnes & Noble suffers security breach [Video]

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You can now hum, sing or whistle a tune to Google, and its new feature will list suggested song matches:

Google’s senior product manager of Google Search, Krishna Kumar, wrote in a blog post:

So how does it work? An easy way to explain it is that a song’s melody is like its fingerprint: They each have their own unique identity. We’ve built machine learning models that can match your hum, whistle or singing to the right “fingerprint.”

The effort is a great example of using artificial intelligence to boost the user experience. Consider ways you can use AI and other technologies (such as augmented reality) to tailor your content, website and campaigns to your audiences’ behaviors and needs.

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Richards Group founder resigns following racist remarks

On Thursday, Stan Richards stepped down from the agency he created following racist remarks that spurred many organizations to sever ties. In addition to Richards resignation, the agency will implement six diversity, …

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The Tenth Man, the creative agency set up by Ken Robertson, the former director of advertising for Paddy Power, has set up a new standalone market research business called Truth. The new agency will be headed up by Anna Burzlaff who has been the Tenth Man’s head of insights since the beginning of 2020. Burzlaff […]