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REVIEW | TOP 5 Brand Identity for September [Video]

REVIEW | TOP 5 Brand Identity for September

Today, Matt will take you around the world to review some of the great brand identities out there. We hope you find this video useful and inspiring for your next project!

As always, let us know on the comment below which one is your favorite and why πŸ™

00:12 Introduction
00:28 First project –
02:54 Second project –
05:29 Third project –
08:40 Fourth project –
10:25 Fifth project –
04:00 Conclusion

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Learn how to accept payment methods from around the globe with a single secure, embeddable UI component. Then enhance your integration by enabling automatic payment methods, allowing you to configure compatible payment methods directly from the Stripe Dashboard.This video includes a front section on how to integrate a Payment Element. If you've already watched our video on integrating the Payment Element (, skip ahead to 07:34 on using automatic payment methods. ### PresenterCharles Watkins - Developer Advocate at Stripe -​### Table of contents00:00 Introduction00:14 Integrate the Payment Element06:24 Add payment methods the manual way07:34 Add payment methods using automatic_payment_methods10:50 Conclusion ### ResourcesNode starter code: Element: reference: ### SupportIf you have a question, please feel free to reach out to our support team at​​​​​ or on Discord at ### UpdatesSign up to stay updated with developer news:​​ ### FeedbackIf you have any feedback about this or other episodes, let us know:​​