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Retargeting Ads: 3 Tactics You Should be Using [Video]

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Shoppers are agile, moving from websites to social media and from desktop to mobile with speed and ease. Retargeting ads need to be just as agile, and not only reach those shoppers wherever they may be, but also understand their point in the shopping journey and adjust messaging and creative accordingly. A complete retargeting strategy will use all of the tactics available–including social, video, and app retargeting—to deliver the personalized, seamless experience that is so crucial today.

Need a quick primer or refresher on social, video, and app retargeting ads? Read on…

Social Retargeting Ads

Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads allow businesses to promote items from their catalog in a variety of ways, including retargeting. Here’s how it works:

To get started, you need to set up a Business Manager Account, upload your catalog, and set up the Facebook Pixel or Facebook SDK or tracking code provided by your retargeting partner. When someone visits your website and adds something to …

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