Resilient Retail – How Rosalind’s is Embracing Innovation (2021) [Video]

Deep in the heart of Los Angeles surrounded by mouth-watering spices and exotic accents is Little Ethiopia. And at the center of Little Ethiopia is Rosalind’s.

The very first Ethiopian restaurant in the area, Rosalind’s has been catering to both Ethiopian transplants and adventurous locals for over 30 years.

Meklit Gebre-Mariam’s father is the personable man who started it all. He’s the kind of well-connected guy who knows everyone, and goes about creating tight-knit community seemingly without trying.

The pandemic put a wrench in all of that. Solving the restaurant’s unique problems meant not just pivoting to online ordering, but pivoting away from a menu and a mindset that hadn’t changed since 1988.

An authentic community playbook

In the business world, creating community is extremely hard. But Rosalind’s has succeeded without following an official playbook. For Meklit’s father, it comes from a true sense of caring. That caring spills over into everything he does – and it’s the secret sauce …

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