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Repurposing Content Without Breaking The Bank

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Repurposing content marketing is something we talk about a lot but rarely follow through with.

We know we should repurpose because all the major brands tell us we have too. Marketing influencers on Twitter and LinkedIn preach their success. But, we just don’t have the time or budget to turn every blog post into a podcast or an infographic.

Sound familiar?

These are the thoughts of most small marketing teams. Perhaps you’re a solopreneur getting started with content marketing. Or you might be a small team at a startup with little budget for anything other than blog posts.

The good news? It’s fine.

This blog post will walk through all the different ways you can repurpose content without spending a fortune on equipment, software, and people.

Before we dig into the how, it’s important to understand why.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is the process of taking an existing piece of content and making something else from it. You could repurpose …

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